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At AC/DC Solutions we are passionate about solar, but we do more than just solar. Our mission is to help our customers affordably secure their energy needs while maintaining the comfort level they are accustomed to. Every energy solution we design is customized to meet the unique needs and situation of each customer.

What We Do

Solar Power

Clean, renewable energy independence.

Energy Storage

Manage energy more effectively.

Energy Efficiency

A recommended prerequisite.

Maintenance & Repair

Protect your investment.

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Convert to Solar Power and Start Saving

What if you could lock in electricity costs for the next 20 or more years? You can with our state-of-the-art energy solutions. No more ups and ups, only predicable and affordable electric power for the coming years. With our cutting-edge energy solutions, we help our customers produce their own electric power. This is the advantage of solar power ownership and real energy independence.

AC/DC Solutions offers the best quality products on the market and our team offers expert installation and maintenance services to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your solar power system.

Energy Storage (Battery Backup System)

AC/DC Solutions’ Battery Backup System (BBS) is essential to your solar power system. First, you can stop worrying about power outages, blackouts, and other energy disasters. Second, self-consumption helps you achieve net-zero results. It’s a must-have if you are producing your own electric power and want to get the most from it.

Energy Efficiency

Imagine saving money and energy while living comfortably in your home. We can help. According to the US Department of Energy, HVAC systems are a major component (50-70%) of the average home’s energy comsumption. Innovative heating and cooling systems are designed to improve the comfort of your home while reducing your energy usage.

AC/DC Solutions helps residential and commercial customers save on their energy bills by finding areas of inefficiency within their property. Our energy efficiency services are designed to improve the comfort and efficiency of your property.


Maintenance & Repair

What maintenance do solar power systems require? Little to none, because there are no moving parts. Dust, pollen, bird droppings and leaves, if left uncleaned over time, can diminish the performance of the solar panels. Normally, rain and wind clean the panels, but sometimes a good, safe cleaning is necessary. Or is your system malfunctioning? Regardless, AC/DC Solutions helps homeowners and businesses make sure their solar power investment is maintaining peak performance by providing high-quality, cost-effective maintenance and repairs.

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